The Beginning

This isn’t your typical blog about a white girl interested in Korean culture. Not that I’m not interested but it’s more complicated than that.

12 months ago I fell in love with a Korean man. It was intense, passionate, and oh so very real. We fell for each other and we fell hard. We had that connection that you spend a lifetime searching for. Perhaps we were not mature enough, and due to contributions from both of us; especially myself with the damage I’d done we have had to part for now. 

Heart breaking, excruciating, inconceivable, painful. What ever you want to label having to separate from the love of your life it is like that. A couple of months before we parted, we discovered that I was pregnant. Stuck with the dilemma of what to do, due to him needing to go back home to Korea, it was decided that I would keep the baby. Not the most ideal situation but it works for us for now. Being back here in Australia alone and pregnant is scary, and hard but I know I can do it because of our love for each other and the love I hold for our baby. Saying goodbye was not easy, it never is. We parted on good terms and have not ruled out what the future may hold for us.

Australia is not an easy place to study and get a job afterwards, nor is it an easy place to get PR. The government is tightening the laws around visas constantly making it harder for him to try and build a future here. It is not that easy for me to move to Korea unless we signed marriage papers, which we are not ready to do. You may say who cares, if there is love you should just sign them. But we both feel they should only be signed if we are ready for that and want to make that next step, not just sign them for the sake of a visa. Right now we are not and need to go through this phase before anything else could possibly eventuate.

He is back now back in Korea, and I am here in Australia. It is tempting to just get the next plane to Korea, but we need this time apart. He, so studies can be finished and to have some space; and I to progress in my career and start bringing up our baby.

We will always be each others sky full of stars. 영원히 사랑해

This is about our love story, and my foray into the Korean world. Each step I take is one step closer to him, and a step closer for our family and to our future.

Follow along with me as I write about learning all about the beautiful country of Korea and our love story.





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